Morgan Sindall is responbile for carrying out general property repairs as well as repairs to any white goods and furnishings that LiLAC has provided.

The cost of these repairs is contained within the rent and service charges.

However, there are occasions when Progress Housing Group may recharge the tenant(s) or support provider the cost of carrying out certain repairs.

What is a rechargeable repair?

A rechargeable repair is something where a repair is required because of neglect, willful damage or misuse. This list is not exhaustive but examples might include:

  • Failing to keep a pre-arranged appointment with a repair contractor
  • Pouring fat or other substance down the sink or drain, which causes it to block
  • Throwing anything down the toilet that may cause it to block, such as incontinence or sanitary pads or the inner tube of toilet rolls
  • Tenants making intentional holes in walls and doors
  • Lock damage or loss of keys
  • Broken windows if done on purpose or due to carelessness
  • Putting hot pans directly onto kitchen work surfaces
  • Failing to clean out the filter on a tumble dryer or washing machine
  • Failing to de-ice fridges and freezers, causing them not to work
  • Failing to clean out the soap dispenser on washing machines
  • Overloading the washing machine, resulting in damage
  • Failing to clear out any blockages on dishwashers
  • Failing to check the appliance is switched on before reporting it as needing repair.

How will the repair be recharged for?

In the first instance Morgan Sindall will ensure the repair itself is done within the assigned repair priority target time. However, Progress Housing Group will subsequently forward an invoice to either the tenant(s) or support provider, whoever has caused the damage, following completion of the repair and this will need to be paid promptly.