Telephone GreenIf you live in a LiLAC property in Leeds, please call 0345 241 6041 and press 1 to report a repair. 


You will need to give the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. The property address and postcode
  3. A telephone number 
  4. As much information about the repair as possible
  5. When the best time to gain access to the property.

Repair YellowFor our properties located in Leeds, Morgan Sindall Property Services carry out all of our repairs.

Morgan Sindall may phone you to find out more information about the repair or sometimes they may need to visit the property to decide what work needs to be done.

They will then arrange for someone to fix what is broken.

It may be possible for Morgan Sindall Property Services to assist you to rectify the problem over the phone.

Who pays for repairs?

You do not have to pay for these repairs because the cost is included in a part of your rent called the service charge.

You will be charged the full cost of the repair if:

  • You or someone acting on your behalf say that a repair is an emergency when it is not
  • You, your support worker, your family or your friends cause damage to your home

When things get broken please tell Morgan Sindall straight away.

Emergency repairs

No WaterIf you have an emergency and it is outside of our office opening hours you can telephone our Emergency Out of Hours Repairs service:

Telephone: 0345 241 6041

The out of hours service operates:

Time GreenMondays to Fridays - from 5pm to 8am

All weekends and on bank holidays.

An emergency repair is something which is dangerous or could cause serious damage to your home. For example:

  • If you have no electricity
  • If you have no heating
  • if you have no hot water
  • If you have a leak or burst pipe
  • If your home is not secure
  • If your only toilet is blocked

If you have a gas leak then you should report this to the National Grid as quickly as possible on 0800 111 999 and Morgan Sindall Property Services on 0345 241 6041.

If you say a repair is an emergency when it isn't you will be charged the cost of the repair.