Morgan Sindall is responsible for the replacement / repair of white goods and furnishings that have been provided by LiLAC.

Repairs to white goods that Morgan Sindall is responsible for

If a repair is needed to an item of white goods you should contact Morgan Sindall on 0345 241 6041 and tell them:

  • The full details of the repair needed
  • Property address and postcode
  • Telephone number
  • Access arrangements.

Morgan Sindall will try to arrange to visit the property within five working days to assess the problem and / or carry out the repair where possible.

If parts have to be ordered, the contractor will advise you how long you will have to wait.

Please note: where an item is still under guarantee, Morgan Sindall will be bound by its terms and cannot influence the timescale in which a visit takes place.

Morgan Sindall will contact the tenant or support staff to arrange a suitable date and time to carry out the repair.

Where there have been a number of previous repairs carried out to the same piece of equipment, Morgan Sindall may assess the job and decide whether it is cost effective to carry out another repair or replace the item.

Replacement of existing appliances / furnishings

Morgan Sindall will assess the condition of each piece of furniture and white goods equipment provided by LiLAC at the annual scheme review of the property. This helps Morgan Sindall to identify potential replacements ahead of the next financial year.

If an appliance is reported as needing repair and it is subsequently decided that it is beyond economic repair then Morgan Sindall will check

  • How long it is since the appliance was last replaced
  • The previous history of repairs to that appliance.

Whilst arrangements will be made to replace the appliance, the above checks will help Morgan Sindall to assess whether any further action is needed. For example; the current appliance may not be sufficiently robust for tenant's needs or an appliance may be being misused in some way.

When appliances are being replaced, it is helpful if the tenant and / or support staff can tell Morgan Sindall if it should be replaced 'like-with-like' or if a more robust model is required. It may be that tenants' needs have changed since the original purchase was made.

Items of furniture / white goods eligible for replacement

There will be an inventory of furniture, furnishings and equipment provided in each unit of accommodation.

Choices of replacement appliances / furniture / furnishings

The tenant will be given a range of choices to select the replacement item. Progress Housing Group and Morgan Sindall staff will liaise with you to arrange a suitable delivery time.

The choice of appliance / furniture provided to the tenant will be within LiLAC's policy requirements as follows:

  • All furniture will be of a suitable quality and robustness to suit tenants' needs, as well as meeting required safety standards (e.g. fire retardant fabrics)
  • White goods will have 'A'-rated energy efficiency
  • Wooden furniture will come from sustainable sources.

Responsibility for disposing of furniture and electrical equipment

In some instances the suppliers of furniture and electrical equipment will remove old items that are no longer required. Alternatively, your local authority will be able to tell you about arrangements for the disposal of bulky household items in your area. Sometimes they charge for this service.

Morgan Sindall will only pay this charge where we provided the furnishing / equipment in the first place. It will be the tenant's responsibility to pay for the removal of any other items. 

It is important that tenants or their support staff arrange for the proper disposal of all electrical equipment in line with hazardous waste regulations.