The role of Morgan Sindall's repair team is to:

  • Visit properties once a year to carry out an annual check of its condition and to see what repairs need to be done or longer-term maintenance needs to be planned for
  • Visit a property when more complicated repairs are reported and they need to find out more about the repair
  • Review any requests for items that need to be included on future planned maintenance programmes
  • Investigate any negative feedback Morgan Sindall receives about repairs and maintenance
  • Visit properties to inspect 10% of the repairs and maintenance work that has been carried out to check that it has been done to a good standard.

Housing repairs service standard

When you report a repair, Morgan Sindall aim to complete it to a high standard and within certain timescales. Click here for more information.


Morgan Sindall uses contractors when the job requires specialist skills.

A contractor is not employed by Morgan Sindall directly but carries out works on their behalf.

Morgan Sindall only use contractors who are on their 'Approved Contractors List'.

This means that they have had to pass strict tests to make sure they are safe.

They are also required to follow a code of conduct. Please click here to find out more about this.