Where appropriate, Morgan Sindall will make appointments to gain access to your property to carry out repairs. 


Morgan Sindall and its employees must carry identification cards.

Sub-contractors will carry an Morgan Sindall Property Services identification card.

Morgan Sindall staff will also have a copy of the official works order with them, unless they are carrying out emergency repair work outside normal office hours.

if you are in any doubt about letting someone in the please telephone 0345 241 6041 to confirm the person's identity before letting them into the property.

Preparation for work

Where necessary, Morgan Sindall's repair team must move all furtniture and other items from the area of work and  replace it after the work has been completed.

Respect for tenants' homes

Morgan Sindall's repair team must respect tenants' homes and property and will be responsible for security if loaned keys or given free access. They and their insurers will be liable for any damage caused to the property or the tenant's belongings.

Use of services

Morgan Sindall's repair team shall not use gas, electricity or water without the tenant's permission.


Morgan Sindall's repair team shall:

  • Carefully protect the area of work with dust sheets
  • Minimise mess
  • Thoroughly clean up the area of works
  • Remove all rubbish on completion of the works or at the end of each day for longer jobs.

Loss or damage

Morgan Sindall is responsible for any loss or damage caused whilst completing a repair.


Morgan Sindall's repair team is expected to respond to complaints by the tenant about the work being undertaken.

However, where these cannot be resolved they should be referred to: 

LiLAC, Morgan Sindall Property Services Limited, Unit 1, Hunslet Trading Estate, Severnway, Leeds, LS10 1BL