Progress Housing Group is your landlord. We provide homes all over the country for people who have a support need.

Other landlords also provide homes for people with a support need.  One of them is called Reside Housing Association.

Reside, and Progress Housing Group are talking about joining together as one bigger organisation.

We think that this will help us to:

  • Provide more homes with support for people.

  • Provide better services to you. This could mean making our website easier to use. We can use more videos and pictures to help explain things.

  • Make sure that the government helps us to provide nice homes for everyone who needs support.

Over the next months, Reside and Progress Housing Group will learn more about each other. This will help us to work out how we can become one organisation.

We will then tell you what we think and ask for your views.

Once we have listened to your views, we will decide whether to join together.

There will be no changes to your home and your support. You don't need to worry about anything. You don't need to do anything.

We will write to you again soon and ask for your views.

Your questions

  1. Will we be letting support providers know?
    Yes, we will be contacting support providers to let them know

  2. Will my support staff change?
    No, your support will remain the same

  3. Will there be any changes to housing officers?
    You may have a new housing officer, but we will let you know who that will be a give you an opportunity to meet them

  4. Will the new people be Reside or Progress?
    If the merger goes ahead, the new people will all work for Progress, although we might choose a different name

  5. Will the repairs people still be the same?
    Yes, you will still report repairs in the same way and the same people will come to fix them

  6. Will Scrutiny Pool be involved?
    Yes, we will be talking to the members of the Scrutiny Pool about the plans