When do I pay rent?

Rent and any other service charges are due in advance on the Monday of each week. You can choose to pay you rent weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly but all payments must be made in advance.

Why do I pay service charges?

Our service charges are usually based on the estimated costs of providing services, such as communal cleaning, gardening or street lighting. We review these changes once a year. You will receive one calendar month's notice in writing of any proposed changes to these charges. 

If you live in an independent living scheme we may charge you for the support services that you receive. This charge covers services such as the Independent Living Coordinators and our Progress Lifeline service. You may be entitled to help with these costs if you receive benefits or have a low income.

What if I have problems paying my rent?

If you are struggling to pay your rent, please contact us without delay. There is a lot of support and advice we can offer you to help you clear your rent arrears and remain in your home. Discover how we can help.

How do I check my rent balance?

We will send you a rent statement by post every three months. You can also check your rent account at any time online by setting up an account for our tenant area or by contacting us.

What if I need help with housing costs?

Some people are entitled to help with housing costs depending on their circumstances. Find out if you qualify.

When are the rent free weeks?

In accordance with your tenancy agreement ‘rent free’ weeks are provided on the basis that the annual rent is calculated and divided over 48 or 50 weeks of the year.  This enables tenants whose rent accounts are clear to have ‘rent free’ weeks.

If you are in arrears, however, you must make a payment to reduce the arrears during these weeks.  Failure to pay your rent could result in the loss of your home.