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We have advised all our operatives to maintain a safe 2m distance at all times, preferably with no-one in the room during the repair.  If you refuse, we will be unable to complete your repair.  This is for your own safety and that of our colleagues.

All repairs have recommenced and are subject to social distancing and risk assessments to ensure that your safety is our first priority.  

Yes, we are now carrying out all non-essential repairs. We will continue to follow government guidelines and will be maintaining social distancing (two metres) at all times. 

We will also be wearing PPE if and when required.

We are continuing to operate our emergency repairs service and will attend to any emergency repair within 24 hours.

Please note, emergency repairs are those repairs which if not completed, carry the risk of immediate injury to people or major damage to property. These include:

Gas leak

These should be reported immediately to the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.


Total failure of heating system and no alternative source of heat or hot water (ie. no fire in the property or no electric shower).


Total loss of electricity or a dangerous electrical fault with electric sockets or lights.

Live or bare wires or electricity in contact with water.

Breakdown of white goods within our independent\supported living schemes.


Total failure of heating system and no alternative source of heat or hot water (i.e. no fire in the property or no electric shower).

Major incident involving emergency services or safe systems

Structural damage caused by fire, flood or high winds.

Any repair that poses a risk to the customer, the public or to the structure and security of the building.


Total loss of water supply or a major leak.

If you only have one toilet and you cannot use it, and you have tried to unblock it.


External (outside) doors and windows (ground floor) not secure.


Damage to staircases or bannisters that post a risk to you or anyone in your home

As we are now delivering non-essential repairs again, we would ask that you only report emergency repairs if they are listed above.  Please do not ask us to attend within emergency timescales if your repair can wait.  Emergency repairs should not be reported out of hours, unless there is the danger of immediate injury to people or major damage to property.

We can carry out all type of repairs.

The government is clear that we must continue to follow Public Health England guidelines about social distancing and that no work should be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded, unless it is to remedy a direct risk to the safety of the household, such as emergency repairs. No work should be carried out by a tradesperson who has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms, however mild.


Internal planned works 

We will contact you in advance if work is planned at your property to ensure that you are comfortable with the work taking place.

All works undertaken will be in line with the latest Government guidance. We ask if you can help us maintain social distancing and not enter the areas where work is taking place.  

Where two-person working is essential, our contractors and operatives will be working in ‘bubbles’.  Some work may take longer than usual due to new working arrangements, and we ask that you remain patient during this time.

Planned external works New working arrangements, safe systems of work, and risk assessments have allowed our roofing, re-pointing, external painting, and window replacement programmes to continue —thank-you to all customers for assisting our operatives and contractors during this work.


Yes, we are following Public Health England guidance and are making sure all our operatives have all the necessary safety equipment they need. This includes gloves and masks to protect you and them. If an operative visits your home to carry out repairs, we are also asking that you leave the room while they do the work, closing all doors. Operatives are also washing their hands before and after every repair. Any staff who are affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) and need to self-isolate will not visit your property. Additionally, we ask that you tell us if anyone in your household is self-isolating.

No, we have a legal obligation to carry out all compliance safety checks in your home. We class these checks as essential repairs, and we are asking that you allow us access to your home to complete these. We may wear gloves and masks for your protection and will be washing our hands before and after we carry out the checks. We ask that you please leave the room the operative is working in and close the doors; this will help reduce any risk.

Yes, please let us know if you are self-isolating. We may ask for more details from you, such as when you started self-isolating. This is to make sure we take additional precautions for the safety of all our colleagues and customers.



We are carrying out daily checks with all our repairs team, and any of our operatives who may have been in contact with someone with coronavirus (COVID-19) are being asked to self-isolate and not come to work. If anyone shows any symptoms (such as a cough or high temperature), they are being advised to stay at home and not come into work.

This is to ensure we reduce any risks to you, our customers, and our colleagues. All our operatives have been provided with personal protective equipment, including wipes, gloves, coveralls, and masks. Please don’t worry if you see them wearing any of these; they are precautionary measures.

The health and safety of our colleagues and customers is of paramount importance, especially at this time during the pandemic. To support our approach, you may find our colleagues wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during their visit and sanitising their hands before and afterwards. PPE isn’t always necessary, but where it is, colleagues will be wearing it.

PPE isn’t required for visits to your home if 2m social distancing can be maintained and no-one in the household is shielding or isolating. If a repair or planned works is taking place, we ask that customers wait in another room and do not offer any refreshments or stand to chat. If possible, please open windows to allow fresh air into the room where the work is taking place.

If the task that the colleague is undertaking requires PPE or someone in the household is shielding or isolating, then this will be worn. Different tasks require different PPE, but generally for our Trades Operatives this may include a reusable respirator or disposable face mask, goggles, gloves, coveralls and overshoes. Officers conducting home visits will be following the same principles and be wearing suitable PPE dependent upon the household circumstances.

We will also be wearing disposable face masks if this is required as part of any localised lockdown.

Thank you for supporting our colleagues to work safely for their protection and the safety of us all.

For more information please see our video on how we are reducing the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19).

You can help us by following government advice and maintaining social distancing when we attend your property.  We have put together a video which shows you what you can expect if we visit your home to carry out a repair.

Please help us to help you by keeping your distance from our operatives, do not stay in the same room while the operative is carrying out the work and allow the use of your washing facilities to ensure they can follow strict handwashing procedures.

Yes – works are continuing in line with government guidelines, the grounds maintenance service provided in the majority of our operational areas for general needs and independent living properties has been limited but is now fully operational.  . This could be subject to change dependent on any further guidance received from the government.                       

If you have any concerns relating to grounds maintenance, please contact us on 03333 204555 by web chat on our website, or email