We have a legal responsibility to keep your home in good repair but some things are your responsibility to fix.

Who is responsible?

The information below should give you a quick guide to what we repair.




 Type of repair




Electrical repairs


Except replacing plugs, fuses, doorbells and the meter from your supplier



Except the meter from your supplier

Heating systems (including storage systems and fitted electrical fires)



Door locks (external)



Door locks (internal)





Except insects and vermin in a communal area

Garden maintenance (including dustbins and refuse areas)



Replacement of broken glass in windows and doors (including instances of vandalism)


Unless the breakage is reported to the police and has a valid crime reference number

Repairs you will have to pay for

You will be charged for the repair if the following circumstances apply (although this list is not exhaustive):

  • If it has to be carried out because of your misuse or neglect; this includes damage caused by people living with you or visitors to your home
  • If you tell us the repair is an emergency repair and it is not (please click here to find out how we prioritise our repairs)
  • If you do not provide access to the out-of-hours operative or inspector
  • If you accept responsibility and require the works to be done.

We will not accept responsibility for paying the bill if you instruct a contractor to carry out work.