Our Estate Caretakers are there to help improve your neighbourhoods and communities. 

Your caretakers:

  • Keep communal areas clean and free from rubbish
  • Perform regular fire safety checks in communal areas
  • Undertake estate walkabouts with tenants, community groups and other local representatives
  • Monitor estate standards
  • Remove fly tipping and clean graffiti
  • Investigate complaints of general estate management problems, such as issues relating to parking, unkempt gardens and abandoned properties
  • Inspect general tidiness, lighting, flagging, bin storage and security.

If you see something in your neighbourhood which needs attention then you can report it to our Estate Caretakers by calling 03333 204555 or completing the form below.

If you need to report an issue with your property then it could be the responsibility of our repair team to fix. To find out and to report a repair, please click here.