Our grounds maintenance and gardening services

Where you have your own garden for your private use you will be responsible for keeping your garden neat and tidy.  We will look after any shared green spaces that we own and the service that you receive will vary dependent upon the type of home that you have:

Our communal areas are currently looked after by Glendales who provide a cut and drop service for all grassed areas.  The contract also includes:

  • Weeding
  • Maintenance of shrubs and hedges
  • Litter picking (prior to grass cutting)
  • Leaf collection (prior to grass cutting).

Independent Living schemes are also looked after by Glendales with a slightly different service including a cut and collect service for grass, this was considered important to you when we consulted on the service and the additional cost is covered by your service charge.

Our Supported Living accommodation 

If you would like to provide feedback about our grounds maintenance or have any questions, please contact us.


Our tree management

We will carry out inspections to trees on communal land that we own, or in tenants gardens where there are concerns raised, prioritised according to the report.  We will carry out necessary work to dead, dying, diseased or dangerous trees following the tree inspection and within the relevant pruning season being mindful of any nesting animals. 

We do not carry out any pruning of healthy trees for reasons such as leaf dropping or lack of light or satellite signal problems however we may offer Tenant Matched Funding to tenants where they wish to carry out tree maintenance within their private garden that would normally be their full responsibility. 

To find out more or if you have any questions please contact us.


Invasive weeds

Invasive weeds are weeds such as Japanese Knotweed that cannot be treated like normal weeds and require specialist treatment.  Such weeds can be difficult to remove entirely and require a programme of treatment to manage them.  Where we have invasive weeds on any land that we own, including private gardens, we will manage the programme of work required to make sure that the correct type of contractor is used.  If you think that you may have identified weeds of this nature please contact us.


Private gardens

Where you have your own garden for your private use you will be responsible for keeping your garden neat and tidy under your tenancy agreement with us.  We understand that not everyone has green fingers but untidy gardens can really affect the appearance of an area and neighbouring properties.  You can report untidy gardens to our Area Housing Officers by contacting us.


Glendale Live

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