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Keeping our tenants safe and well our top priority.

Safeguarding What We Have Achieved

Safeguarding referral information

There has been a reduction in domestic abuse referrals, with eight this year compared to 12 last year (33.3%) against the same period in 2021/22. There has been a decrease in the number of self-neglect referrals recorded, with 51 compared to 60 last year (15%).

The number of financial abuse referrals has increased, with 19 referrals this year compared to 12 the previous year (58.3%).

As with previous years, neglect, including referrals for self-neglect, accounts for the most significant number of referrals made in April 2022– March 2023, with 76 (61.8%) out of the 123 referrals made. Further details can be found in Appendix 1.

Of the 123 referrals made, 21 (17.1%) were for RWP customers. This highlights an increase of 16 (320%) compared to the five referrals made for RWP customers in the same period last year.

Our customer support officers made the majority of referrals, with 31 (25.2%). Followed by Progress Lifeline, who submitted 23 (18.7%) of the referrals, then RWP with 21(17.07%).

81 cases were closed. The remaining 42 cases are awaiting updates from social services/employee members. The outcomes of the cases for the year can be found in Appendix 1.

There are four categories of mandatory safeguarding training that all employees are expected to complete (safeguarding adults level 1 and 2, safeguarding children 1 and 2). The table below shows employee compliance for each category (as of 09/05/2023).






Safeguarding adults level 1





Safeguarding adults level 2





Safeguarding children level 1





Safeguarding children level 2





To try and mitigate non-compliance, My Learning Online (MYLO) sends reminders to colleagues six months, three months and one week before their refresher date. Colleagues are also sent a reminder when they are one day overdue, and this reminder also goes to their line manager.

Safeguarding Outcome Of Referrals

Impacts and issues

There is a risk to the Group if we do not maintain employee awareness around safeguarding. The high uptake of mandatory training mitigates this risk.

There is a risk to customer well-being and safety through a lack of awareness around reporting.

Reputational damage could be caused as a result of those mentioned above through negative media coverage and regulatory intervention.

Attached to this report is the Key Unlocking Futures Annual Report. It is recognised that how Key Unlocking Futures collates its Safeguarding information and reporting periods differs from the rest of the Group. 

Safeguarding Year In Numbers

Background information and appendices