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Supporting new tenants through our Tenancy Sustainability Service

How are you settling into your new home?

Our Tenancy Sustainability Team is here to help new tenants settle in their homes,both financially and emotionally. The team also supports our existing tenants, offering advice and guidance to help them maintain their tenancy.

Our four tenancy sustainability officers:

• provide practical and emotional support to help tenants with their tenancy.

• offer individual support with benefits, budgeting advice, life skills and wellbeing.

• work closely with our partner charity Key Unlocking Futures to support people with multiple issues.

• can put tenants in touch with other organisations in the community that can help.

Between our launch in January 2024 and March 2024 we have supported 78 new tenants to settle in their new homes.

Here is how we supported one tenant who had been fleeing from domestic violence:

• Completed a benefits calculator to assess her income and expenditure
• Supported her to obtain white goods and bedroom furniture
• Helped her update her Universal Credit claim and update housing costs so that her rent would be paid
• Assisted her in signing up for council tax support and help with her utilities to avoid any arrears
• Set up a direct debit payment to ensure her rent is paid in advance

We will continue to support her for up to three months to ensure she settles in into her home and can maintain her tenancy.

The tenant’s sister said they both cried with relief following our Tenancy Sustainability Team’s support.


“The team made everything so much easier, especially when my sister was having such a hard time. She had nothing, but they helped her with everything, such as setting up council tax and electricity bills. 

“For someone in such a horrible position, it can feel like the end, but the team has been an absolute godsend. They are true angels, and I cannot thank them enough. They have done more than expected. We both cried because of the relief of it all. 

People need to know that this help is out there, and I would recommend them 20 times over.”

Here is what other tenants say about the Tenancy Sustainability Service:


When independent living tenant Christine moved into a scheme in St Annes earlier this year, she appreciated the support from our Tenancy Sustainability Team.

She said: “Tenancy Sustainability Officer Sam came to visit me to set up my housing benefit and my charges as I was out of my depth. I am 77, and I can’t deal with these kind of things. He was wonderful, as I could not have done it without him. It was really stressful before.


“I am really happy so far in my new flat - so far, so good. It has been useful to get that support straight away.”


When Michelle moved into her St Annes flat, she had very little resources. She was grateful for the support our Tenancy Sustainability Team offered.

She said: “I wish to congratulate you and the staff who have helped us while we have begun a tenancy with yourselves”


“They have been so friendly and are a credit to your company. I also wish to thank Tenancy Sustainability Officer Richard for helping us at a very low time. We moved in with no cooker, no food, and no mattress. He has helped us enormously by applying for various things for us. We now have a new cooker and mattress, and we received food vouchers too. We have had so much help from your staff. The lovely workers who come to do repairs are all polite and have a smile for you. 

Progress Housing Group is by far the best we have had, so thank you for a top-quality service.”


What we have achieved so far

Our Tenancy Sustainability Service is here to support existing and new tenants.

• Between January 2024 - March 2024, we have increased the yearly income of 42 tenants by £182,592 by assisting them to gain access to additional benefits
• In the first 12 days of April 2024, we have assisted another nine tenants to increase their yearly income, totalling £22,977
• Between January 2024 - March 2024, we have assisted 18 tenants with backdated claims for benefits totalling £12,477.
• Between January 2024 - March 2024, we have been successful in gaining grants for tenants totalling £20,207
• This equates to a total of £238,254 extra funds for new and existing tenants.


If you are struggling to afford your bills or need extra support to maintain your tenancy, please call us on 0333 320 4555 or contact us via our website: Get in touch | Progress Housing Group (

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