We are the fourth largest provider of housing for people with a learning disability and/or mental health condition in the UK. We provide specialist housing tailored to meet the needs of individuals. The majority of our housing is therefore fully accessible and adapted to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities.

We have over 3,200 units of supported living accommodation across the country and work in over 100 local authority areas. 

Most of our housing is within a 'shared living' arrangement, whereby people rent one room in a house and share communal areas with others. Typically there will also be a sleep-in room for a support worker and tenants will all be in receipt of a care support package funded through their local authority.

We also have  a significant amount of self-contained accommodation too, where residents can live alone or within a block and have their own kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and still receive support.

How do I access supported living accommodation?

If you, or  a loved one, are ready to move into a supported living property, you will need to contact your local authority, usually through their Social Services Department. When you contact them, you need to ask them for an assessment to see if you can access a support package from them. They will then work with you to help you access the right type of housing you need.

If you need any help knowing who to contact, please check on the Government's website by clicking here.

You can also contact us directly as we will always try and sign post you to the right place. We can also let you know if we have any empty properties in the area where you want to live, so it is always worth contacting us too. 

Please contact us on 03333 202671 to be directed to the supported living officer that covers the area you live in.

What will happen if I am offered a place to live?

You will be given the opportunity to look around the property and meet anyone else living in the property. You may want to visit a few times to decide if the property is right for you. You will be able to meet support staff and chat to them about the area and community facilities available for you.

Your supported living officer from Progress Housing Group will then arrange to meet you at the property to explain your tenancy agreement. They will also go through a “pictorial” tenancy agreement with you to explain your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. If you struggle to understand it, your support worker can help you. You may also have an 'appointee' who has been appointed by the Court of Protection to sign the agreement on your behalf. If so, we will also go through the agreement with them.

We pride ourself on providing an enhanced housing management service which meets the needs of tenants with support needs. Our staff are friendly and helpful, and  will ensure you have everything you need to be happy in your new home.

You will also have the opportunity to let us know your views. 

We have an award winning Progress Opportunities Team who hold tenant meetings across the country, so contact us if you want to get involved.

Other help

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