Progress Futures is a free service for Progress Housing Group tenants that helps them access training, apprenticeships and employment support to improve their job prospects and achieve their goals.

Who is it for?

If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions below, then Progress Futures might be able to help you.

  • Are you looking for a job?
  • Do you already have a job but want to move on?
  • Do you want to improve your skills or qualifications.
  • Do you need extra training?
  • Would some work experience improve your CV?
  • Do you need help applying for a job or training course?
  • Do you need someone to encourage you to take the next step or help to build your confidence?

How does Progress Futures work?

Our approach is to talk to you on a one-to-one basis to find out what your goals are so that we can help you work towards them.

To find out more, visit our brand new information hub My.ProgressFuture which is crammed with lots of helpful tips and advice on how to find the right career path for you. Create your My.ProgressFuture account today and receive your free skills pack.
It’s time to look forward to your future. We’re behind you every step of the way.
Visit and start preparing for the next step in your career. 



On-the-job practical training and studying

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Kickstart opportunities for 16 - 24 year olds

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Building Better Opportunities

Investing in local projects tackling the root causes of poverty, promoting social inclusion and driving local jobs and growth

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Improve your computer skills

Get help using a computer and accessing the internet

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MPT Steps

Free support to improve your skills and employment prospects

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Career advice, help and support

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Get help finding training courses and applying

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Contact us

Get in touch to find out how we could help you

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