We own and manage nearly 11,000 homes and have been delivering housing and related services for over 20 years. We operate mainly in Lancashire, but provide Supported Living homes for people with a learning disability nationwide

Affordable and social housing is for people whose needs are not met by the private market.

We own and manage thousands of affordable homes to rent at below the average market rent so that more people have the opportunity to rent a home for themselves and their family.

Our average weekly rents are:

  • £71.35 general needs one bedroom
  • £82.49 general needs two bedroom
  • £91.85 general needs three bedroom

For more information about affordable and social housing, please click here.

Supported Living homes are affordable housing solutions for people with a range of mental health, learning and physical disabilities.

Our approach enables over 2,600 people to live fulfilling and dignified lives in their own homes, with properties ranging from the Scottish Borders to Devon.

We employ a specialist Housing Team who ensure that our day-to-day management service is both efficient and sensitive to the needs of tenants and our partners.

Also known as sheltered housing, our Independent Living schemes give individuals and couples over the age of 55 the freedom to enjoy their retirement by removing the worry  associated with owing and maintaining a home.

Built, designed and furnished with older tenants in mind, the schemes offer on-site assistance and links to an emergency 24 hour control centre. Many have communal lounges and gardens and offer social activities and days out for tenants.

We also provide a number of Extra Care schemes that offer additional support from care providers based on site, who can provide round-the-clock personal care if and when required.

We have more than 1,300 homes at 31 schemes across South Ribble and Fylde.

If you want to find out more about our Independent Living schemes, please refer to our Guide to Independent Living.

Shared ownership enables you to buy your own high quality apartment, retirement or family home in stages rather than meeting the expense of a fully mortgaged property.

It enables you to purchase between 25% and 75% of your home and on some properties you can buy up to 100%.

Leasehold properties are where somebody has bought their property outright but where we still manage the estate that the property is on. 

These properties are usually flats where the person who has bought their home cannot but the land it is on.

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