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Julie's story

Julie has been living at one of our independent living schemes for 12 years. Julie has a disability but is able to have as much independence as she wants, with help available if she needs it.

"I moved in here in 2007 from a private house. I was lecturing at university at the time but I had health problems that stopped me living in my home. I am in pain 24 hours, and have to use a walking stick. I was a bit frightened of going in some of the places I looked at and then I found out I was eligible because of my disability to move into an independent living scheme.

"Most of my friends of my age are working so instead of sitting there with nobody to talk to, it's great to be able to come down and talk to somebody.

"There's no need for anybody to be lonely at a scheme, if you just want a cup of coffee or to go sit in the communal area, there people are in and out all the time and there are also events. I asked to learn sign language and we're starting in September.

"I have friends in different housing associations and they don't get a quarter of what we get.

"My mum used to say if she won the lottery she wouldn't move out, that to me shows how good Progress are that she would say that."

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