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Independent living and Extra Care

Over 55? Make your move to stress-free living.

With the gardening and property maintenance taken care of, our independent living schemes will give you the freedom to enjoy your life without worrying about maintaining your home.

We own and manage independent living schemes throughout South Ribble and the Fylde Coast.

The self-contained apartments and bungalows in the schemes are designed to enable individuals and couples over the age of 55 to continue to live independently as part of the community.

An overview of independent living

Our independent living schemes offer excellent communal facilities, including gardens, lounges and kitchens, so you can enjoy like-minded company and social activities or extra support when you want. Some schemes also offer guest accommodation and welcome pets.

Apartments are available to individuals and couples over the age of 55 who want to enjoy their own home but without the responsibilities of home ownership. 

Located in quiet areas across South Ribble and the Fylde Coast, our schemes are perfect for those who enjoy the peaceful location but do not want to be too far from local amenities.

Our schemes offer:

  • Self-contained accommodation
  • Repairs and maintenance services included
  • The choice of daily or weekly contact with an independent living coordinator
  • 24-hour intercom system in every home and fire safety systems
  • Safe, well-run and caring communities
  • Communal facilities (e.g. lounge, laundry, kitchen, garden)
  • Located within a short distance of shops, amenities, restaurants and pubs
  • Excellent local transport links
  • Wide range of optional social activities, from bingo and coffee mornings to art clubs and day trips.

There are three different types of housing available, all designed to meet different needs:

  • Open schemes/category one
    These schemes offer the most independence and are individual one or two-bedroom bungalows or apartments with front doors opening onto the street. Most benefit from a local community centre, communal laundry and lounge.

  • Closed schemes/category two (integral)
    These schemes are integral blocks of one or two-bedroom apartments (all under one roof) where individual flat doors open onto a communal corridor. Tenants have their own self-contained flats, and all schemes have communal lounges, laundry and other shared facilities.

  • Extra Care
    Unlike living in a care or nursing home, our Extra Care homes offer a secure, self-contained home to rent so you can keep your independence. We work with on-site care providers who offer personal care packages through Lancashire County Council Social Services Team. Please note, our Extra Care schemes do not provide full care or nursing home services,

These vary from scheme to scheme but will include some or all of the following:

  • Communal lounge
    The lounge is for tenants and their guests to meet, talk and enjoy social activities. It is also available for external organisations who visit to teach art, needlework or other activities that the tenants wish to enjoy in communal areas.

  • Laundry
    Washing machines are available in most independent living schemes. In Extra Care schemes, the care providers will have their own designated time to use the laundry facilities.

  • Guest room
    This is available for use by tenants’ families or friends and can be booked in advance through the independent living coordinator. Priority will be given to those most in need. There is a nightly charge to use the guest room.

  • Communal kitchen

  • Bathroom/shower room
    Most closed (category two) and Extra Care schemes have a communal bath or shower room. This offers more bathing options, as individual flats usually only have either a bath or a shower.

These vary from scheme to scheme, but the services may include:

  • Communal computer
  • Library
  • Intercom and alarm system
  • Door entry system for additional security
  • Visiting chiropodist
  • Visiting hairdresser.

Every independent living scheme has an independent living coordinator who works at agreed-upon times during the week. The independent living coordinator ensures the safety and wellbeing of tenants and provides a link with doctors, families, friends, housing teams, and any other support services needed.

The independent living coordinator will keep in contact with you, according to your preference, either by personal visit or via the intercom system. If an emergency arises and the independent living coordinator is unavailable, the call will transfer to our 24-hour Alarm Response Centre, where assistance will be summoned.

During your first week, your independent living coordinator will visit you to welcome you to your new home and tell you everything you need to know about living in independent living accommodation.

The independent living coordinator will explain:

  • The facilities available within the scheme
  • How to use the alarm system
  • How to use the laundry facilities provided
  • How to use any keys supplied
  • Any health and safety procedures
  • What to do in the case of a fire
  • How to check equipment, such as the alarm and pendant
  • Our service standards and help with any queries or complaints.

You can expect the following service from your independent living coordinator:

  • A call, according to your preference, either by personal visit or intercom (there is a minimum level of service that will be explained to you)
  • Response to emergencies within working hours and liaison with appropriate agencies
  • Equipment checks
  • Keeping your personal data up-to-date through support plans
  • Assistance to organise social activities
  • An individual support plan and risk assessment to assess your needs within a month of your moving in.

Apartments are available from just £120 per week and include: 

  • Rent
  • Personal heating (where applicable)
  • Communal laundry, lounge and kitchen
  • Support from an independent living coordinator 
  • 24-hour pull-cord facility for emergency assistance
  • Secure electronic door entry system*
  • Communal maintenance, including cleaning, lighting, repairs, garden maintenance, etc.

*Integral schemes only

**Rent accurate at January 2024


Penwortham, New Longton and Walmer Bridge

  • Ashwood Court, Longton
  • Boundary Close and Churchside, New Longton
  • Martinfield and Leyfield, Penwortham
  • Old Mill Court, Walmer Bridge
  • Orchard Grange, Penwortham
  • Tuson House, Penwortham

Bamber Bridge, Lostock Hall and Walton-le-Dale

  • Bridge Court, Lostock Hall
  • Charleston Court, Bamber Bridge
  • Hennel House, Walton-le-Dale
  • Lostock Court, Lostock Hall
  • Outram House, Walton-le-Dale.

Farington and Leyland

  • Bashall Grove, Farington
  • Bolton Croft, Leyland
  • Fox Lane, Leyland
  • Greenwood Court, Leyland (Extra Care services available)
  • Jubilee Court, Leyland
  • Lowerfield, Farington
  • Lowerhouse, Leyland
  • Northbrook Gardens, Leyland
  • Welsby Road, Leyland
  • Wrightsfold, Leyland.

Freckleton, Kirkham, Lytham and Wesham

  • Amounderness Court, Kirkham
  • Ancenis Court, Kirkham
  • Croft Court, Freckleton 
  • Derby House, Wesham
  • Gisburn / Ilkley Avenues, Lytham
  • Liggard Court, Lytham
  • South Hey / Worsley Road, Lytham
  • St John’s Court, Lytham
  • Stanner Lodge, St Annes (Extra Care services available)


  • St Martins Court, Lancaster (Extra Care services) - available 2025

Unlike living in a care or nursing home, our Extra Care homes offer a secure, self-contained home to rent so you can keep your independence. We work with on-site care providers who offer personal care packages through Lancashire County Council Social Services Team. 

The special facilities may include assisted bathing rooms, a meeting room, a large kitchen or a tenants’ lounge. The additional services that will be provided include help with bathing, dressing, cooking, cleaning, and taking medication. The local authority or a registered Care Quality Commission provider offers these services.

Please note that our Extra Care schemes do not provide full care or nursing home services,

Extra Care services are currently available at the following schemes:

  • Stanner Lodge - Lytham St Annes
  • Greenwood Court - Leyland
  • St Martins Court - Lancaster - AVAILABLE 2025

For more information on Extra Care, please contact us

What to expect

We will coordinate any repairs that are our responsibility, which our Property Services Team will carry out.

For more information on repair responsibilities, please refer to the information on repairing and maintaining your home on our website or ask for a leaflet.

We work on schemes (such as outside painting and annual gas servicing) as part of our planned maintenance and improvements programme.

Planned refurbishment work to individual apartments and bungalows will be carried out, in consultation with tenants, as and when necessary, to ensure that our properties meet our lettable standard.

Every independent living bungalow and apartment has its own alarm system, which links tenants and their independent living coordinator through a personal pendant alarm, pull cord, and two-way speech system.

The alarm system also links tenants to our Alarm Response Centre, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing support whenever needed.

Social activities vary from scheme to scheme, including bingo, dominoes, coffee mornings, keep-fit sessions, day trips, lunch clubs, and art classes. The independent living coordinator, together with the activities coordinator, encourage and help organise social activities within their schemes and promote the use of shared resources.

Well-behaved cats and dogs are welcome in our open (category one) schemes but not in our closed (category two) and Extra Care schemes with communal areas and corridors. However, you may keep budgies, canaries and other caged birds in any type of independent living scheme.

You will need to request permission to keep pets.

We are responsible for the communal areas of schemes, which include corridors, kitchen and lounge areas. 

Our independent living coordinators have access to a spare key or pass key in case they need to get into a home in an emergency. For example, a tenant may have fallen and cannot reach the door. Conversely, we will not enter without permission unless in an emergency or if a tenant has requested a call and you do not answer.

We require access to all our properties to undertake annual gas safety checks (if we have fitted gas or heating appliances). This check is a legal requirement and must be undertaken by our gas engineers annually.

We will also require access to undertake an electrical installation safety check, which is another legal requirement that our electrical engineers must undertake every five years.

Due to safety reasons, electric scooters are not allowed to be charged or stored in communal areas.

We do not provide ramps or storage for a mobility scooter at all schemes. Please get in touch if you need to discuss any mobility requirements.

The safety and security of our tenants are our highest priority, and we do everything we can to make sure our tenants are safe in their homes. We can advise you on safety procedures for dealing with unfamiliar visitors to the scheme, bogus callers, and how to make your home secure.

All our properties have an intercom system and emergency alarm system.

Our independent living coordinator undertakes regular scheme inspections, including:

  • Weekly fire alarm tests
  • Weekly health and safety checks of all communal areas
  • Checks of personal emergency alarm systems.

Gas safety checks

We undertake annual gas safety checks in your home (if we have fitted gas or heating appliances). This check is a legal requirement and must be undertaken by our gas engineers annually.

Electrical installation safety checks

We also undertake an electrical installation safety check, which is another legal requirement that our electrical engineers must undertake every five years.

Working in partnership with the Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, we offer all new tenants a free home fire safety check. All our schemes comply with fire regulations and are regularly inspected.

Every year we are legally required to check any gas appliances we have installed to make sure everything is working safely and efficiently.

We have a policy in place to protect vulnerable adults in all our communities from mistreatment by employees, relatives, other tenants or any other people in a position of trust.

We are responsible for maintaining the internal shared areas and the external parts of the building. Redecoration will be completed in consultation on choices for carpets, colour schemes, and other decoration for these shared areas.

We encourage tenants to make their homes their own and decorate them how they wish. Replacing carpets, soft furnishings, and interior decoration is the tenant’s responsibility and is not included in your rent or service charges.

We are responsible for ensuring ground maintenance of the landscaped areas around each scheme.

Our independent living schemes comply with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements.

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