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Your tenant newsletter and Tenant Annual Review

We send a quarterly email jam-packed with news from your community and useful updates.

Our eshot helps us get the news out to you faster, make it more interactive, and, most importantly, reduce our carbon footprint and create savings we can invest elsewhere.

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If you live in an independent living scheme, you will receive a mailed newsletter - the Independent Living Times - twice a year.


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How we look after your data

Below are data protection statements specific to each form on our website. Read our full data protection statement.

The information in this form is collected by and for Progress Housing Group. We collect and manage your information in line with the current data protection legislation in the UK.

The data in the form will be used for the purpose(s) of:

  • Contacting you.
  • Keeping records of our contacts and contact centre activity.

We will retain this contact against your Tenancy record if you are a tenant.

If you are not a tenant, we will retain your information for future reference as a record of this contact and to link it to any subsequent contact you make with us.

This information is processed on the following legal bases:

  • For tenants, this will be in relation to your tenancy agreement as a contract;
  • For application or prospective tenancy enquiries, this will be in relation to establishing a contract;
  • For activities and contacts from non-tenants, this will be in relation to the legitimate interests of the Group to support your enquire and monitor our service provision.

The data will be held for:

  • The lifetime of your relationship with the Group and for a period afterwards to allow the handling and raising of any queries or complaints.

The data may be shared with:

  • Relevant teams across Progress Housing Group and potentially to our subsidiaries;
  • Contractors and suppliers;
  • Local authorities or councils;
  • Law enforcement;
  • Support agencies;
  • We need to contact other relevant third parties to resolve your enquiry.

For full details on how we process data, where to enquire about the use of your data and to find out about your rights and how to enact them, visit our full data protection statement here.