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Tenants' Voice - Improving Services group

Your Tenants' Voice - Improving Services group completes reviews on different areas of the organisation.

This is to identify what we do well and recommend improvements in areas where we could improve. When conducting a scrutiny review, tenants carry out various activities.

This can include interviews with employees, looking at performance information and survey results from other tenants, looking at policy documents, mapping out processes from a tenant's perspective and looking at what other housing providers do.

Tenants then meet with employees to discuss their findings and produce action plans to implement their recommendations.

To find out more about our Tenants' Voice group, including how to join or make a suggestion for a service review, please get in touch with your Customer Voice Team: or 01772 450669

Copies of previous minutes from the Tenants' Voice group are available upon request from the Customer Voice Team.

Next meeting

Tuesday 18 June at 10.30 am

This event is either in person at Leyland House or virtually on Microsoft Teams.

Meeting Accessibility

If you would like to find out more, suggest a service to be reviewed, or would like to book a place, please get in touch with the Customer Voice Team at, or call Diane on 01772 450669.

“Joining the group helped me recognise what you can influence to create positive outcomes. I want to make a difference and make my community a good place. Communication challenges remain, so I would like to see listening skills included in training.”

Irene, Tenant

Scrutiny Reviews

We are delighted to have a group of tenants who volunteer their time to look at the services we provide from a tenant's perspective.

They helped us create this annual review to help others understand what they did and achieved over the past year.

Read the Tenant Improving Services | Annual Review here.

The group selected to carry out a review of the electrical testing process in October 2021.

This included a review of the information provided to tenants to arrange and explain what is involved in the electrical safety test.

The group made nine recommendations. At the meeting in April 2023, the Tenants’ Voice group confirmed they were comfortable that all nine recommendations had been implemented and signed the review off as complete.

Read the summary report and full report here.

The group completed a review of the out-of-hours service in October 2022. 

They made six recommendations to improve the service for tenants who contact Progress Housing Group to report a repair outside of normal office hours.

Three of the recommendations have been implemented, including:

  • Additional information is provided on the website to explain what is meant by an emergency repair
  • Tenants receive a confirmation when the trade operative is on their way to carry out the out-of-hours repair
  • Training is provided to colleagues to make sure tenants with specific requirements are supported when requesting an out-of-hours repair.

Read the summary report and full report here.

The Tenants’ Voice group chose to review community safety in December 2022.

The group decided to focus their review on how easy it was to report anti-social behaviour (ASB), how tenant expectations around ASB issues are managed and how tenant satisfaction is obtained and used to improve the service.

The group made nine recommendations, seven of which have been implemented, including:

  • A review of standard letters, making sure they are easy to understand and have key information visible
  • Provide information and link to the ASB Case Review Directory on the website
  • Provide testimonials from tenants who have benefited from the service, sharing their experiences to promote the benefits and accessibility of the service
  • Promote our free, independent well-being and support service available to tenants on any community safety letters and webpage.  

Read the summary report and full report here.

In April 2023, the Tenants’ Voice group selected our planned maintenance service as their next area of review. 

The review is now complete, with tenants finalising their report and recommendations. 

At the Tenants' Voice - Improving Services meeting in July 2023, the group identified communication as their next area for review. 


Latest scrutiny updates

Our Tenants' Voice – Improving Services group held its quarterly scrutiny meeting in October.

Tenants heard our plans to send quarterly surveys as part of the Regulator of Social Housing’s Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

These are part of the new Customer Standards framework and will enable tenants to scrutinise their landlord's performance effectively.

We will use these results to improve our services and increase satisfaction. Tenants discussed that this was a good way to ensure we were accountable and listened to feedback.

The Tenants’ Voice group also looked at the Tenant Annual Review, which includes performance information for tenant services from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023.  Tenants said they liked the look of the report, which was easy to read and provided good information

The meeting also received an update on the out-of-hours service review, with three recommendations ongoing. The new telephony system has reduced the abandonment rate from 35.7% to 19%. We are now considering plans to extend the in-hours repairs period from 8 am until 8pm.  This includes sessions with tenants to find out what they think would work well. We will also look at getting more survey responses from our RWP supported living tenants.

Seven recommendations from our community safety review have now been completed. This includes promoting the work of our Community Safety Team and how to report anti-social behaviour, a review of letter templates and updating information on our website. We are working on a process where community safety officers agree with tenants on how and when they will provide feedback on their cases.

The next area to be reviewed by the Tenants’ Voice – Improving Services group is how we communicate with our tenants.

The current review of the planned maintenance service is complete, with the report being finalised by tenants before they provide their findings to the service team in November.

Tenants were then invited to join colleagues at our Black History Month celebration lunch at Leyland House. They heard from Clinton Smith, from Preston Black History Group, about the many achievements of black men and women. They also enjoyed Caribbean food and learnt more about the culture and accomplishments of black people during a quiz.

Our Tenants' Voice – Improving Services group held its quarterly scrutiny meeting in January.

Tenants received an update on the out-of-hours service review. Three of the six recommendations have now been completed.

The tenants discussed the ongoing recommendations, including a proposed change to extend the times when the in-hours repairs service will be available. It is hoped this will increase tenant satisfaction and reduce the number of out-of-hours calls.

Next on the agenda was an update on the community safety review, where tenants received an update confirming the final two recommendations are complete. This included a new communication process for everyone reporting anti-social behaviour.

The tenants also discussed the planned maintenance review, where most recommendations focus on communication and letters. 

The tenants then reviewed our Customer Promises and Tenant Satisfaction Measures.

Tenants also heard from a member of the Continuous Improvement Team about its new programme aimed at improving our tenants' service experience and satisfaction. Our involved tenants were looking forward to sharing their experiences and feeding into the work through their scrutiny reviews.

The tenants discussed future topics they wished to review, which included aids and adaptations and looking into how we keep our communal areas clean and maintained.



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