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Report a repair

It is quick and easy to report a non-emergency repair online or you can report it via live chat, phone or in person during working hours.

For emergency repairs, call us on 0333 320 4555.

Lines are open between 8am and 6pm, Monday to Friday and outside of these times for emergencies.

For more information on what to do in an emergency, click here.

If someone’s life is in danger, call 999.

Report a non-emergency repair

Logging into your online tenant account is the quickest way to report a non-emergency repair.

Once logged in, you can:

  • Select and book an appointment time
  • Check the history and status of your repairs
  • Change your repair appointment
  • Update your contact details

Logging into your online tenant account is the quickest way to report a non-emergency repair.

You can also send us a message, and we will respond within five to ten working days. 

Please remember to include as much information as possible about the issue.


You can report a repair during working hours by live chat - just click on the box at the bottom right.


You can report a repair in person or write to Progress Housing Group, Sumner House, 21 King Street, Leyland, Lancashire, PR25 2LW.

You can also report it to a colleague who will log it on your behalf.


It only takes a few minutes to activate your account - all you need is your tenancy number, email address, full name and date of birth. Click here to register now.

Please note - if your email address differs from the one you provided, you must contact us to update it before your account can be set up. 

If you don't know your tenancy number, you can ask on live chat. You can also find it on your rent statement. 

Useful information about repairs

When you report a non-emergency or emergency repair, we will email you the following:

  • A repair order number
  • The date and time of your appointment
  • A target timescale for the completion of your repair
  • Any costs that you will need to pay for the repair.

We will text you a reminder the day before your repair appointment and again on the day to let you know when our operative is on their way.

You can track your repairs and check your appointment date by logging into your online tenant account.

Please contact us with as much notice as possible by phone, live chat or logging into  your online tenant account to cancel or change your appointment; we cannot reschedule repairs once the operative is on their way.

On average, a missed or uncancelled repair costs £150 per appointment, which leaves less money for much-needed repairs and improvements in homes like yours.

If you cannot give our operative access to complete the repair at the scheduled time, you must contact us to rearrange the appointment. We will cancel the original repair request until you can do this.

We will let you know if we need to change your repair or appointment as soon as possible.

We have a legal responsibility to keep your home in good repair, but some things are your responsibility to fix.

The information below should give you a quick guide to what we repair.




Type of repair




Electrical repairs


We are not responsible for replacing plugs, fuses, doorbells and the meter from your supplier



We are not responsible for the meter from your supplier

Heating systems 



Door locks (external)



Door locks (internal)



Infestations and pests


Except for insects and vermin in a communal area

Garden maintenance (including dustbins and refuse areas)


Replacement of broken glass in windows and doors (due to accident or vandalism)


If the breakage is due to vandalism, we need a crime reference number to book the repair

Repairs you will have to pay for

You will be charged for the repair if the following circumstances apply (although this list is not exhaustive):

  • If it has to be carried out because of your misuse or neglect, this includes damage caused by people living with you or visitors to your home
  • If you tell us the repair is an emergency repair and it is not (please click here to find out how we prioritise our repairs)
  • If you do not provide access to the out-of-hours operative or inspector
  • If you accept responsibility and require the work to be done
  • If you need to repair internal door locks, infestations, garden maintenance, or broken glass in windows and doors.

We will not accept responsibility for paying the bill if you instruct a contractor to carry out work.



Any issues with a communal area or your neighbourhood could be a job for our neighbourhood caretakers.

Our estate caretakers look after the upkeep and the appearance of our estates. They also undertake estate inspections, carry out weekly fire safety checks in communal areas and work closely with other agencies that work in the area.

Our neighbourhood caretakers can help with the following:

  • Fly-tipping in some instances
  • Graffiti
  • Reporting repairs.

Our neighbourhood caretakers cannot remove the following:

  • Recyclable items - these can be put in the local authority recycling bin
  • Any domestic waste left in black bags - these must be disposed of in an appropriate bin provided by the local authority.

Please note: It is your responsibility to keep your property and neighbourhood tidy.

Your local authority can also help with waste disposal and will usually arrange to remove large or bulky items that you no longer need, but depending on where you live, this service may be charged.

Occasionally, we will hire a skip and place it in your neighbourhood so you can dispose of things you no longer want. When we do this, we advertise it in advance.

If you see something in your neighbourhood that needs attention, you can report it to your neighbourhood caretaker online, via live chat or phone.

We ask you to make use of your local councils’ waste collection services for your bulky waste.

Each council has its arrangements and scale of charges for using the service. Our Caretaking Team will be able to help guide you with using this service if you need it. You can arrange with your local council to collect large items, such as beds, carpets, fridges, and settees.

Below is a list of the local council contacts:



Blackburn Council - bulky waste

You need to register an account online.

01254 585 921


Chorley Council - large item collection

You need to register an account online.

01257 515151


Fylde Council - bulky waste

Call customer services on

01253 658658


Bulky Waste - Hyndburn Borough Council

You need to register an account online.

01254 388 111


Bulky waste - Preston City Council

You need to register an account online.

01772 906904

Ribble Valley

Bulky Waste - Ribble Valley Council

Book collection by phone

01200 425111

South Ribble

Bulky waste - South Ribble Council

Book collection by phone

01772 625 625

If you need any further help or guidance about disposing of bulky items, please get in touch with us.

We are committed to providing an aids and adaptations service to meet the needs of people with disabilities and to help them maintain their independence. Find out more here.

You are responsible for maintaining your garden and fences, including cutting your grass. If you cannot do your gardening, a local charitable organisation may help you, such as Age UK, Groundwork or the Carers Trust.

We do not remove unwanted trees unless they are diseased or damaging the property. Some trees may be protected and cannot be removed. If you want to arrange to have a tree removed, you must first check with your local authority.

Find out more about how we keep our neighbourhoods green and clean here.

Please check your tenancy agreement to see who is responsible for pest control. Where it is the tenant's responsibility, we will still work with you to prevent further issues by blocking access points or doing repairs needed to stop vermin and infestations. 

If pests are present in communal or shared spaces, we may carry out the necessary treatments and service charge the cost to affected tenants.

You can help avoid issues by ensuring that rubbish is disposed of correctly, not putting out food for wild animals and following the advice of professionals where needed.

We are carrying out a major loft and cavity wall insulation programme. These improvements aim to make our homes more comfortable, helping reduce energy bills and carbon emissions by reducing energy consumption. Our ongoing programme of inspections identifies those properties that require insulation improvements. Find out more about managing the cost of your energy bills here.

All employees carry formal identification and will present this before accessing your property. They will not ask you to sign any paperwork regarding repairs to your property. Find out more about cold callers and scams here.

If a cold caller comes to your door, make sure you:

  • Always ask for identification
  • Speak to us first if you are unsure about allowing them access to your property
  • Call the police if you feel scared or threatened
  • Talk to us before you sign any documents, particularly those relating to disrepair claims.

Disrepair claims negatively impact us, our tenants, and our communities.

Claims management firms target tenants directly, often misleading them with promises of large and unrealistic compensation awards.

These claims result in high legal costs, which leaves less money for much needed repairs and improvements in homes like yours.

Tenants have been left in debt with large legal bills when they have been misled or bullied into signing contracts and then become liable to pay fees if they change their minds or do not win the claim.

Please contact us before you consider a disrepair claim so that we can support you in resolving any outstanding repair issues.

Our top priority is to deliver a high-quality service to our tenants and customers, and it is great to hear when we are.

However, we do know that sometimes things may go wrong. We want you to tell us if this happens so we can put things right. That way, we can correct any issues, not just for you but for others too. We’ll always do our best not to make the same mistake again.

We are always grateful when you tell us when we get things right or when you feel there could be room for improvement to know how we are doing.

Find out more about to make a complaint here.

"you can also report or track a repair using our live chat service or by email"

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