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Community events and activities

1st Jan - 31 Dec 2024

We run a range of events and activities across our communities during the year.

We would love for you to get involved, so here are a list of the events planned over the coming weeks.


Father's Day card making and gift shop

Saltcotes Community Centre - Wednesday 12 June, 4pm until 5.30pm

Lower Lane Community Centre - Thursday 13 June, 4pm until 5.30pm

Brew and toast drop in at Lower Lane Community Centre on:

Friday 17 May, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 12 July, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 6 September, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 1 November, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 27 December, 10am - 1.30pm 


Brew and toast drop in at Saltcotes Community Centre on:

Friday 21 June, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 16 August, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 11 October, 10am – 1.30pm

Friday 6 December, 10am - 1.30pm

Pre-loved pop-up shop at Lower Lane Community Centre, Auster Crescent, Freckleton

Saturday 1 June, 11am – 2pm


Pre-loved pop-up shop at Saltcotes Community Centre, Saltcotes Place, Lytham

Saturday 29 June, 12pm – 3pm

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