The Scrutiny Pool is made up of tenants from across the Group. It completes reviews on different areas of the organisation to identify what we do well and make recommendations for improvements in areas where we could do better.

The Pool undertakes a range of activities including surveys, call listening and interviews with staff. Members then meet with staff to discuss their findings and produce action plans to implement their recommendations.

To find out more about our Scrutiny Pool, including how to join or make a suggestion for a service review, please contact our Progress Involvement Team.

Copies of minutes from the Scrutiny Pool are available upon request from the Progress Involvement Team.

Progress has been made on all the recommendations made by the Scrutiny Pool.  The new review form was introduced in November 2020 and we are already seeing the benefits.

Read our supported living report.

In July 2019 the Scrutiny Pool chose to carry out an assurance review of the feedback process following the introduction of the new policy and procedure which was introduced in April 2018.  The review was completed in December 2019 with five recommendations being made. 

Since the completion of the review the Ombudsman has introduced a new code of practice.  We are currently reviewing our policy and procedure to ensure the new code is included.  This has led to a delay in implementing the recommendations made by the Scrutiny Pool.

Read our feedback process report.

Whilst carrying out the review of the feedback process, the Scrutiny Pool also looked at the Compensation, Goodwill and Sundry Payments Policy, as this is mentioned in the feedback process. Progress is being made on the three recommendations made by the Scrutiny review.

Read our compensation report.

Following feedback from customers we chose to review the letters we use to arrange the annual gas safety and periodic electrical tests. 

We wanted to make sure that the letters provide customers with clear information and explain why it is so important that these safety inspections are carried out.  We wanted to make sure that the letters use the right tone and language to encourage our customer’s co-operation in providing access to allow the checks to take place.

Read the Gas and Electrical testing letters 

The Scrutiny Pool chose to look at how the Group communicates information about the grounds maintenance service provided.  The review carried out over the summer of 2020, entirely on Zoom, made five recommendations.  It is hoped that all recommendations will be actioned by summer 2021,

Read the Grounds Maintenance Communication report